Hi, my name is Peyton Easton. I have always loved to color and draw. I could color in the lines by the time I was two years old and I started drawing things I saw. When I was four, I started taking art classes once a week at Monart (now called MyArt). I love doing art at school too and was selected to be in the Hamilton County Art Exhibit when I was in first grade.

On my eighth birthday, I had an art exhibit at Irvington First Fridays and had a second showing the following month for anyone who was unable to attend the first one. I hope to be able to have art exhibits at more First Fridays in the future. During the summer of 2012, I got to attend the art camps at the Herron School of Art at IUPUI.

We moved from Indiana to Georgia in July 2013 and I started a new school. In my new school we get to take a 9-week special that we are interested in and I chose Fashion. I took art classes at Anita’s ArtsCool last year and one of my teachers has been in the fashion industry all her life! In 2014, I started new art classes with some super awesome teachers—William and Mary—at Wonder Colors Art Studio in Suwanee, GA. I also got to attend a week of fashion camp at The Workroom School of Fashion in Atlanta, GA this summer which was pretty cool.

I am into narwhals and my best friends are Aubrey, Turner, Carlee, and Skyler. I’ve always loved fashion and next year I want to go to DaVinci. I love floral print on everything I am a total crafter I am starting to do it a lot. One thing I also enjoy is dream box it is acting for school well after school it is on thursdays and i enjoy doing it with my friends we do dancing singing and acting I really enjoy it.This year I am actually do a cluster called lights camera action it is for the announcements and which is like a new show and there is anchors and camera man and also mixers that do green screens and special effects it is really fun.

When I grow up, I want to be a fashion designer and live in New York City and Paris. I got to go to NYC  with my mom, aunt Lenos, and grannie to celebrate my 9th birthday. I LOVE NYC!!!

Take a look around at my artwork and general craziness (they call me “Pey-Pey the Cray-Cray” for a reason!). I hope you enjoy my site and would love it if you stayed in contact by posting me messages.