Everybody’s Dancing Dancing Crazy for Miranda Cosgrove

I got to see Miranda Cosgrove. I want to be like her because she is famous and she has her own website. She is very crazy. She was singing dancing crazy. She changed outfits three times! My favorite outfit was the one with the sparkle jeans. I liked the part when she sang her new song, “Dancing Crazy”. I also liked her “BAM” song.

Greyson Chance was with her in concert, but I didn’t really like him so much.

I got a necklace with a picture of her and I got a shirt with a picture of her too. Mom and me got food like big pretzels and Sprite. I got to sit in the front close to the stage. I liked it when the girl sang with her.

iCarly is one of my favorite shows. I like it because she has cool stuff and great friends like Sam and Freddie, even Fred. Fred is so funny! Carly is friends with Fred.

miranda_greyson     miranda


  1. I bet it was fun going to the concert

  2. That concert looks fun!!!!!!!!!!
    You are the best

    Your friend,

    Sydney Zirnstein


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