Stink and the Incredible Super-Galactical Jawbreaker

Stink & JawbreakerStink went to the Whistle Stop Candy Shop with his sister, Judy Moody, and he saw lollipops, money candy, and lots more. Then, he saw a jawbreaker on the third row of the store. He used his five dollar gift certificate that his dad gave from being in a study for short people to buy the jawbreaker that looked like the Earth.

He licked it and licked it and licked it and it got smaller. It took him one whole week to eat the entire jawbreaker. He got sad when he had finished it all and mad because it didn’t even break his jaw. So he got an idea to write a letter.

Exactly eleven days later he got a package in the mail that was full of jawbreakers. There were mega jawbreakers, mini jawbreakers, monster jawbreakers, asteriod and alien jawbreakers and so many more! Ten pounds of jawbreakers to be exact that equalled 21,280 jawbreakers in all!!!

His sister Judy took a big handful and threw them in the air in excitement. She told Stink that they could split them up and then trade them with each other. Stink told her that he was the one that wrote the letter and that they were his. Judy told him that he never shared!

He decided if he could get stuff by writing one letter, that he could write two…three…four and he could get more free stuff and become a bazillionaire. He waited every day for get a reply in the mail…and waited…and waited. and then one day all of a sudden, he got a package. He opened it and found it was full of Microbots! and monsters and spotted dogs and more. And then the door rang and he got another package full of all types of different candy bars. Then he got a phone call from the City Park Department. He was going to get a bunch of free monkey pencils and one free pass to the Zoo.

Stinks mom told him he could not write any more letters! And then, another box came but this time it was from his Grandma Lou. It was a package with pajamas for Pajama Day at school. The pajamas had bacon and eggs designed on them. He told his mom there was NO WAY he was wearing these PJs to school. His mom told him to put them on and he started to itch like crazy but when he went to bed he realized they were glow-in-the-dark PJs and  he decided they were super cool!!!

His mom told him she would wash them so they would be soft to wear the next day. But when Stink got up the next morning, his mom told him his pajamas were ruined, all of the glow stuff rubbed off. While Stink was eating breakfast, Judy took them upstairs and painted them with glow-in-the dark paint and turned the bacon into electric eels and the eggs into jellyfish. Stink hugged his sister and he shared some of his candy with her.

At school he went to the library for a scary story. All of a sudden, Stinks pajamas started to shrink and he was trying to get out of them and accidentally hit his friend Webster and he got in trouble. He apologized to Webster and told him about his pajamas shrinking but Webster was still mad. When he got home he told his mom that he was going to write letter to the pajama company. His mom told him no but his dad told him he should write a letter to Webster to apologize.

He went to get paper and found an envelope he had forgotten about. He realized he had missed Webster’s birthday party…oh no! So he had an idea to bring a chicken pinata to school filled with all of the candy and toys he had gotten and he brought it to class to give to Webster. Webster hit the pinata and he had to keep hitting it with Stink’s help and it broke open and stuff flew everywhere! Everybody helped pick up the candy and toys and they all shared it. Stink’s dad was so proud of Stink for what he did.

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