Stink and the World’s Worst Super Sneakers: Part I


StinkBookStink Moody went to the science museum on a class field trip to see the Everybody Stinks exhibit. He was with his friends Sophie and Webster and his teacher, Mrs. D.

At the museum, he looks at a giant nose in the  “Gross Me Out: The Wonderful World of Smelly Stuff” which is through a pair of ugly red lips. He smells things like boogers, feet, onion and lots of other smells.

While he was at the museum, he found a flyer for “The All-Time World’s Worst Super-Stinky Sneaker Contest”. It was going to be in two weeks at the park. He already had stinky shoes but he started leaving his shoes by the door to make them even more stinky.

He also decided when he grew up he wanted to be a professional smeller. His sister, Judy, decided to test him by blindfolding him and making him test different smells. Stink won the challenge and she said he would be known as Rumpel-Stink-Skin, Grand Prize Winner of the Way-Official Moody Stink-a-Thon.

Stink1He went to his favorite website, The Science of Stink, and learned lots of stinky things. He decided he could become a scientist so he made his own lab, the Franken-stink lab, to start making stinky stuff like toilet water that is perfume that is really gross. Stink and his friends started putting toilet water perfume and pickle juice and stuff on their sneakers to make them smell even worse for the contest. They put on vampire vapors, aroma de sewer, simply skunk, P.U. perfume and other things from his science kit on their sneakers.

His sister said his sneakers smelled so bad that she started pouring powder on his shoes. Stink was so upset with his sister…she was trying to get rid of the stink!

Here is a picture of Judy putting powder on Stink’s shoes. More to come in Part II!

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  1. I love your art


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