Stink and the World’s Worst Super Sneakers: Part II


StinkBookHis sister tried to tell her that it made it smell even worse, Kind of Sweet and Kind of Sour. Stink told her that wasn’t good enough that they had to have at least double-gag factor.

So Stink put smelly perfume on them to stink them up. He woke up the next Saturday morning and smelled the most wonderful smell…his sneakers were wonderfully smelly again. Today was the day he was going to win the All-Time, World’s Worst, Super-Stinky Sneaker Contest. He put on his stinky shoes and went downstairs to eat breakfast before his big day.

He heads to the contest after eating and Webster and Sophie told Stink they cancelled the contest because one of the judges was sick. Stink finds Mrs. D to see if it is true and she says yes, but has an idea. She says Stink could be the other judge with his amazing, incredible sense of smell. Stink was so excited…he was going to be a judge!

Stink went inside the tent and smelled the stink cloud of shoes. The lady behind the table told Stink his shoes would be number twenty-seven but his sister told him he couldn’t enter his own shoes since he was going to be a judge because that would make him a big fat cheater head.

Stink2Mrs. D called Stink to the judges table where all of the red and blue ribbons were, along with the Golden Clothespin trophy. He met the other judges and one of them was a Master Smeller for NASA making sure stuff isn’t too smelly to go aboard the space shuttle. Mr. Moore told him he flew all the way to England to smell a corpse flower at the Royal Botanical Gardens.

The judging began and Stink started smelling each shoe to figure out which was the smelliest. He wrote down notes after smelling each pair and held a tissue to his nose in between sniffs like Mr. Moore told him to do to keep his smell good. All the while, he kept thinking his sneakers would have won, that is until he got to sneaker number thirteen. Mr. Moore and Stink had found a winner.

First, they announced the two runners up of the Tenth Annual All-Time, World’s Worst, Super-Stinky Sneaker Contest. And then they announced the Grand Prize Winner, Number Thirteen. Stink’s friend Sophie was the winner! She got her award and some other stuff including an autograph from Mr. Moore on her stinky shoes.

After the contest, Sophie and Webster came over to Stink’s house for pizza. Sophie passed around the trophy and asked Stink if he was upset he didn’t get to be in the contest. He said no because he got something even better than the trophy. Mr. Moore gave him a necklace with a vial of for-real¬†eau de corpse flower from a real corpse flower named Mr. Stinky.

That night when he fell asleep, Stink had visions of corpse flowers dancing in his head.

Look for a blog on my next Stink book: Stink and the Incredible Super-Galactic Jawbreaker

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